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Coral Water Filter

The 6-core Water Filtration System, the Most Sophisticated & Environmental Friendly, Life Water technology.

The Coral water filter system utilises precious minerals ceramic beads as its main 6-core water filter cartridges. It's capable of upgrading normal tap water to the water on par with high quality mineral water. The water texture is smooth and carries a tinge of natural sweetness. It's by far the Rolls Royce of water filtration system.

By far the most supreme water filtration system, it able to remove silt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals, organic contaminations, bacteria ad other impurities from water.

Coral (PLATINUM) - 6 Filters

Part of Natural Formulation

  • Natural Diatomite Base Filter
  • Natural Coconut Shell Base Activated Carbon
  • Bamboo Charcoal Base Activated Carbon
  • Coral Calcium
  • Maifan Stone
  • Billion Years Mineral Ceramic Beads
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

Superb Natural Purifying System

  • Filter over 80 types harmful elements
  • Purify over Hundred Times More Contaminated Water
  • Purify the Radiation Contamination Water
  • Meet the World's Water Safety Standard
  • Natural Life Water
  • Preserving Beneficial Minerals
  • Magnetized
  • Alkaline Water
  • No Waste Water Pollution
  • Refined, Pure & Healthy

Yes, you can't find this from any other companies. We are so proud and confident with its product quality and goodness, that we dare to let you have money back guaranteed. Buy the world healthiest water today, you will experience the unique benefits of good and healthiest water. Sign up to start enjoying the world's healthiest water, even used by royal family. Click here to sign up!

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