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After over 30 years of research, Japanese scientists succeeded in developing Energy Conversion technology that helps break water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easier absorption. This technology is very popular in Japan, and has been widely hailed as a breakthrough health therapy.

Diamond Energy Water System is based on this advanced Energy Converter technology. Its revolutionary 6-filter design not only provides the cleanest, purest water around, but also helps break down water molecule clusters into smaller clusters for easier absorption by the body's cells, thus improving the transfer of nutrients and enhancing metabolism.

Product: Energy Water System
More benefits:
     Removes Over 99% Pesticides
     20% More Oxygen to keep your Skin Beautiful
Size: Height 14"| Front Width 11"| Side Width 7"

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Diamond Energy Water
Product Feature

  • Filter A : Top notch ceramic filter, thoroughly filter out impurities like chlorine, dirt, rust and bacteria.

  • Filter B : activated carbon and natural mineral stones remove organic contaminants, unpleasant odours and colours in the water, while regulate mineral content.

  • Filter C : metal ion filter thoroughly removes heavy metals, chlorine and other chemical contaminates.

  • Filter D : natural magnetic ceramic balls with natural mineral magnetic stones effectively break water molecule clusters into the smallest possible size.

  • Filter E : natural mineral stones stabilises energy in the water to keep water molecule clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time.

  • Filter F : calcium ions helps balance the water to a mild alkaline level.

    Diamond Energy Water at Home Diamond Energy Water Filter - 6 Filter inside

    Product Benefits

  • Pure and safe exceeding the guidelines for drinking water quality stipulated by the World Health Organisation! Suitable for direct consumption without boiling!

  • Contains essential minerals, with a smoother and more pleasant taste!

  • Easily absorbed by our body to enhance metabolism!

  • Removes accumulated toxins and improves health!

  • Effectively eliminates chlorine and its health-threatening by-products in tap water, thus reducing cancer risk!


    Removal of radioactive substances: Diamond Energy Water System is the first to conduct lab test in Malaysia and overseas laboratory, to gouge its effectiveness in filtering toxic radioactive substances. Contaminated water exceeding 36 times the safety level was filtered by the Diamond Energy Water System. The result: 96% of the radioactive substances were removed.

    Removal of pesticides: In a lab test for removal of pesticides, cabbage sprayed with pesticides exceeding 20 times the safety level was washed with Diamond Energy Water. The result: 99% of the pesticide was removed.

    Removal of heavy metals: In other lab tests conducted by the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research and other independent research centres, water contaminated with heavy metals exceeding 20 times the safety level was treated by Diamond Energy Water System. The result : 99% of the cancer-causing heavy metals was removed. This is an astounding testimony, way ahead of other water systems and the International Safety Standards.

    Removal of microbiological bacteria: On bacteria removal. water contaminated with microbiological bacteria, fungus, algae and parasites exceeding 2,000 times the normal level was treated by Diamond Energy Water System. The result: 99.99% was removed.

    It is contains unique Anti-Bacterial Controllers developed based on today's most advanced nano-technology. These controllers not only enhance the system's bacteria removal function, but also prevent bacteria growth in the system. In any filtration system, contaminants will inevitable cumulate after a period of time, which gives rise to bacteria growth.

    These lab tests confirm beyond doubt that Diamond Energy Water is more effective in removing radioactive materials, harmful chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria than any other water systems. It is more than just a water filtration and purification system. It is a safer and better water treatment system.

    The water system that has been tested and certified by international scientific research bodies to be able to break up molecule clusters into only half the size of those in ordinary tap water. Such small molecule clusters are readily absorbed by our body, and therefore more effectively flush toxins from our body cells for better health.

    All over the world more and more health conscious families are now using Diamond Energy Water System. So are hospitals and clinics. It has gained the acceptance of many professionals, including medical doctors and professors.

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