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Diamond Classic


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Classic Water Filter

We designed Classic Water Filter in the pursuit of perfect water. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, its six-filter patented design combines natural mineral ceramic beads made of ancient mineral rocks, nano silver activated charcoal and other natural substance, transforming normal tap water into water on a par with natural mineral water. Classic Water Filter is the perfect water system specially designed for you. With its reformed and thoughtful design, operation and maintenance have never been so effortless

Product Feature

  • Filter A : Top notch ceramic filter, thoroughly filter out impurities like chlorine, dirt, rust and bacteria.

  • Filter B : activated carbon and natural mineral stones remove organic contaminants, unpleasant odours and colours in the water, while regulate mineral content.

  • Filter C : metal ion filter thoroughly removes heavy metals, chlorine and other chemical contaminates.

  • Filter D : natural magnetic ceramic balls with natural mineral magnetic stones effectively break water molecule clusters into the smallest possible size.

  • Filter E : natural mineral stones stabilises energy in the water to keep water molecule clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time.

  • Filter F : calcium ions helps balance the water to a mild alkaline level.

    Others Feature

    Easy Filter Replacement - It’s deliberately hidden pipes are not only tidy, but removable within one touch; Also, with its easily rotatable filters, filter replacement has never been easier.

    Repollution-proof Filters - Filters no longer consist of pipes and lids, therefore preventing repollution i.e. foreign objects dropping into the filter when opening lids, during filter replacement or maintenance procedure.

    Two-way Diverter - Brand-new two-way diverter which enables the user to swap between TAP WATER and DIAMOND WATER, or simply stop the water.

    Filter A Pressure Release Valve - Releases remaining water to prevent water from leaking when removing Filter A.

    Yes, you can't find this from any other companies. Only DIAMOND is so proud and confident with its product quality and goodness, that we dare to let you have money back guaranteed. Buy the world healthiest water today, you will experience the unique benefits of good and healthiest water. Sign up to start enjoying the world's healthiest water, even used by royal family. Click here to sign up!

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