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Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal Award

Diamond Energy Water System has also been awarded the Gold Seal from the highly-regarded United States Water Quality Association (WQA) in recognition of its reliability, safety and filtration performance.

WQA is a world-renowned water safety authority that was established in 1959. It is a non-profit organisation that provides professional water quality guidelines and technical information services to ensure that all water-related products in the market meet a given safety level.

WQA is also well-known for its in-depth knowledge and technological advancements in improving water quality management.

Diamond Energy Water System was put through 4 tests by the WQA. These involved:

  • Performance Testing : Measures contaminant reduction capabilities over the life and capacity of the unit.

  • Structural Integrity : Measures durability under pressurisation beyond the usual demands of home water systems, simulating 10 years' normal use.

  • Materials Safety : Confirms a product does not add anything harmful to the water being treated.

  • Literature Review : Verifies clarity and accuracy of product literature, sales and advertising copy, installation and maintenance instructions, and product labeling. Gold Seal-labeled products must meet the Water Quality Association's Code of Ethics standards.

Diamond Energy Water System successfully passed all the above tests, far exceeding the safety requirements and proving its superb quality. The system was therefore awarded a Gold Seal from the WQA, thus reaffirming consumer confidence in its reliability and performance.

Halal Certification

The Recipient of Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Awards 2006 in Asia

Trusted Brand Gold Awards 2006 in Asia

International Exhibition of Invention, New Techniques and Product in Geneva







This event is held annually in Geneva and is jointly organised by the Swedish Federation and the Geneva State Government. All participating products must be recommended for entry by their respective countries, and each product may only be entered once. This event recognises and encourages innovation in all forms, and is dedicated to developing higher standards of innovation. Because it draws participants from over 40 countries each year, it is renowned as one of the foremost events where innovation is concerned.

Diamond Energy Water System was entered into the April 2001 awards. There were over 700 participants from 44 countries that year competing in 22 categories. Diamond Energy Water System participated in CLASS Q, the category for consumer health products, alongside 39 other products.

With 68 judges determined only to pick the best of the best, Diamond Energy Water System proved that its technological achievements were indeed superior when it won both the Gold Medal in the Health Food & Drink Category and a Special Commendation Award from the Jury. It was an historic achievement; the first time any Malaysian product had ever won two such prestigious honours at the same awards show. Reporters from CNN, Taiwan, Russia, Mexico and many other countries were on hand to spread the news of this achievement.

Brussels Eureka - 2002

Held in Brussels, Belgium, the Brussels Eureka World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology is a prestigious event that attracts participants from all over the world. Every year, countless innovative organisations gather to exhibit their inventions and exchange views while vying for prize glory.

In the year 2002, 54 countries including the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, China, Japan and Hong Kong exhibited a total of 406 new products in all available categories. Thus the level of competition was even higher than previous years, and even more so due to the quality of the participants.

The panel of judges, made up of government representatives, scientists, professors and inventors, had their work cut out for them as they sifted through the many innovative product in order to determine which would come out on top.

Even in the face of such stiff competition, Diamond Energy Water System emerged triumphant by winning the Gold Medal in the Daily Utilities Category. The system also made history by becoming the first-ever water system to bag a Special Jury Award.

This event is an initiative of the Institute of the Community for Enterprise Promotion (ICEPEC), an organisation that oversees all European products and companies, and is the only non-government body with the authority to issue permits to other industries.

This recognition only serves to take Diamond Energy Water System further, proving that it is indeed the best health water brand around with superior health benefits to raise the standard of living for consumers both in Malaysia, and around the world.

Global Golden Rim Awards - 2002

The Global Golden Rim Awards is organised by a coalition of Chinese SMIs to recognise the outstanding performance of organisations and consumer products. SMIs from all around the world participate in this prestigious event.

This annual event receives overwhelming participation from countries such as the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and many others. The panel of judges consists of top CEOs, scientists and professors from all around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Taiwan. Because of the quality of the participants, even the most knowledgeable panel of judges are hard-pressed to find the best of the best.

In the 2002 Global Golden Rim Awards, NEP Holdings (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. and Diamond Energy Water System once again distinguished themselves from their peers when they won the Golden Triumphant Enterprise Golden Rim Award and Global Quality Assurance Product Golden Rim Award respectively.

At the prize presentation ceremony held on 18th January 2001, NEP Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd. President Mr. Michael Lim was chosen to speak on behalf of all the Malaysian Award Winners, thus further gaining recognition for the company and brand.

Golden Bull Awards - 2003

Organised by Nanyang Siang Pau, with the support of Nanyang.Net and APC - SME, this grand yearly event recognises high-achieving SMIs. Awards are presented to the 100 highest achieving SMIs in regards to financial performance and management excellence.

In 2003, NEP Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad was selected as one of the 100 top SMIs of the year. Because of our commitment to excellence and unrivalled business performance as well as our dedication to improving the standard of living for consumers everywhere, we were awarded 5th place in the Golden Bull Awards' list of 100.

The Most Preferred Brand

Base: All East Malaysia Users

Raw Sample: N=106 Respondents

Projected Sample: N=35,499 households

Source: Excerpt from AMI Energy water usage & Attitude Study March, 2002

A consumer survey conducted in March 2002 by Asia Marketing Intelligence Ltd., an independent market research company, concluded that Diamond Energy Water System is not just widely known, but the preferred choice of point-of-use water systems. This result was in comparison with the response garnered by other leading filtration systems in the market.

Also, the research found that 90% of Diamond Energy Water System users were very satisfied with its cleanliness, safety and health benefits.

Reader Digest Magazine Award,  Water Filtration Super Brand -2005

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